What matters most to you?

We’re working on the preparation of the Plan now.

As part of this, we asked for your views about the future of our area, asking questions based upon the responses to our first consultation.  Significantly greater than 500 people took part in the consultation.

Your responses are helping us draft policies for inclusion in the Plan. The Steering Group has collated, recorded and analysed your responses, here are the headline results.  Scroll down to see what our community thought in each of the five themes.


The current large-scale development of 300 houses on the former Stapeley Water Gardens site should be the only large-scale housing development within the Parish during the current term of the Local Plan (until 2030).Housing top response

Any new houses built in the Parish should include:
Housing second response

Green Spaces, Natural habitats and Countryside

Green spaces, natural habitats and countryside within the Parish must be preserved.

Green spaces top response

Existing trees and hedgerows should be preserved and more planted to provide wildlife habitats  and diversity in the area

Green spaces second response

Transport Infrastructure

Cycle ways and footpaths within the Parish should be improved to encourage their use and extend accessibility throughout the parish.

Transport top response

Peak time traffic congestion on Peter de Stapleigh Way and Elwood Way needs to be managed and reduced.

Transport second response

Amenities and Well-being

Technological amenities for the Parish need to be improved e.g. 4G; access to super-fast broadband.

Amenities top response

Amenities and facilities for young people need to be improved.

Amenities second response


Our community needs to be cleaner (e.g. littering and dog fouling reduced).

Community top response

Our community is friendly and safe.

Community second response

Who took part?

Respondents’ roles in our community.

respondent roles

Age ranges of those taking part.

respondents ages


A reminder of what happens next

  • You will have a chance to talk with us about the developing Neighbourhood Plan at a Community meting on 13th March 2016.
  • You will get a chance to comment upon a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan in a little while
  • The proposed Plan will be submitted to Cheshire East Council for consultation with a range of statutory groups and for subsequent approval by the Council
  • The proposed Plan will be examined by an independent examiner
  • You will then be able to vote on the Plan in a local referendum and it must be approved by a majority of those voting for the Plan to come into force. The Neighbourhood Plan must be taken into account when deciding planning applications in Stapeley & Batherton.