Having an equal voice sounds great. How do we get there?

There are five steps we are taking on the journey to having a Neighbourhood Plan for our area:

How steps

Neighbourhood Area Designation

This is an important first step on our journey to having a Neighbourhood Plan.  Without completing this, our community cannot have a plan for our future.

Our Parish Council submitted an application for designation to Cheshire East Council at the start summer 2014.  Consultation on the application closed on 25th September 2014.  Cheshire East will review comments made during the consultation and decide whether to approve the application.

We will let you know as soon as we hear more.

Preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan

Most of the work lies in this step of our journey.  Overseen by a Steering Group, working parties and interested groups will work to develop the three elements of our Neighbourhood Plan: Vision – Objectives – Policies.  There will be lots of opportunities for everyone in our community to have your say; children, students, families, older residents, business owners, people to work in the Parish, local groups and visitors.

You might be wondering how we’ll do this step?  Clearly a small group won’t be able to do everything alone.  Take a look at some of the skills that are vital to success, then contact us to help out.

You’ll get updates on this website, from us on Twitter, Facebook and information posted through your letterbox.  Keep your eye open for public meetings, drop-in sessions and some rather unusual things happening over the coming months.

Independent Examination

Having put the plan together, we will pass it to Cheshire East Council, for them to arrange for an independent examination of what we’ve produced together.  the examiner will consider how we’ve satisfied 5 basis conditions for our Neighbourhood Plan to be valid.  These are set down in law, saying that our plan must:

  • Be appropriate having regard to national policy,
  • Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development,
  • Be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the development plan for the local area,
  • Be compatible with human rights requirements,
  • Be compatible with EU obligations.


Once the plan has successfully completed examination, a referendum will be held for all registered electors in Stapeley and Batherton.

If more than 50% of those voting in the referendum vote ‘yes’, then the council will bring the plan into legal force.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is “made”

That’s the legal term which means that our plan finally has the same weight as Cheshire East’s Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework, in determining the outcome of planning matters.
Our community’s voice is now as loud as anyone elses!

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