A resounding yes!

A unanimous vote in favour of having a Neighbourhood Plan.

That was the result of a vote at the first public meeting in the Parish, about whether we (the community of Stapeley & Batherton) want to have a Neighbourhood Plan.  The meeting was led by Matthew Theobald (Chair of the community’s Neighbourhood Plan Working Group), Shaun Clough, John Davenport, Peter Groves, Jo Hilman and Martin Malbon.  The Chair of Stapeley & District Parish Council (Sandy Gwinn-Freemantle) and Parish Clerk (Carol Jones) also took part.

A packed Community Hall learned why a plan is important for our community; to give us an equal voice in planning matters.  The meeting found out what a Neighbourhood Plan is about and the five steps of the journey our community is now embarking upon.

The atmosphere was buzzing as residents, businesses and local groups shared their answers to five questions:

  • How we see our community in 10 years time?
  • What we like about living, working and visiting here?
  • What do we dislike about the area?
  • What are our fears for the future of our area?
  • What are our hopes for the area in 10 years time?

Our Working Group is now analysing all the answers (there were over 250 of them!).  We will let you know what we’ve found shortly.  Sign up to follow us and you’ll get an email as soon as we have news.

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